New look coming

I am working on updating the design portion of the site. Right now this is looking totally different. I’m pondering making this fit in with the rest. But since this doesn’t limit itself to design stuff I think it might not need to be tied into the look of the rest.

Here is a taste of the new look:

11 Dog Christmas

We had a great Christmas up at Ann’s parents. Our kids had many presents to open including American Girl dolls(Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Collins). I’m sure we will soon have to build a new room for all the stuff that go with these things. They also got horses to go with(Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Courtney). The horses are as big as our dogs. I keep seeing the black one out of the corner of my eye and think Mazie is just standing silently in the middle of the dining room. Freaks me out.

But we brought our dogs with us to Christmas(2) to the Courtney’s(4 dogs), and Ann’s brother Chris brought his Chihuahua’s(4). but wait there’s more. Ann’s sis Karen brought her dog(11 total) as well. They outnumbered the ten people gathered for Christmas.

Crazy but fun.

Turkey Bulletin

So Thanksgiving is over, at my work I get the entire week off for Thanksgiving. Which is nice. It has become a traditional ‘get stuff done around the house’ time. This time I fixed a little part of the roof of the house (Don’t be too impressed it was 3′ by 3′ and only 8′ foot off the ground). Also we got some painting done in the house. Hopefully by Christmas(another home project time) we will finally get the rooms in the house painted.

Also McKelvey said today, “I am too tired to wake up.” Ahhh, she really is a normal kid. Since this happened on a school day and the previous week she seemed to be fine with waking up when there was no school. I just can’t wait until they sleep in on the weekends. That will be nice.

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