Tooth and pictures

McKelvey lost her first tooth yesterday. As we were walking to school, McKelvey was worried that her tooth would fall out and someone would slip on it. She was adamant that I go inside and tell her teacher about her tooth so she could make sure no one would slip on it.

Needless to say, no one slipped on it.

I have posted some other pictures at the usual place on the website.

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Home movie round up

Today we got Rent thru Netflix. I have been listening to the songs in preparation. I’m pretty excited to see it. I saw a touring version in Peoria, and the sound mix was atrocious. Despite that I really liked it. I’m excited that the most of the original cast is in the movie.

Our last Netflix was Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. We made a movie night for the whole family out of it. McKelvey was dead-set against it at first since it wasn’t a princess movie, but after watching a couple of the short features, she stopped crying and enjoyed. So much so that she wanted to watch it again the next day. She also loved telling Grandpa Collins all about it on the phone. I highly recommend this movie.

You can’t fix a banana, and other toddler traumas

Arden has had some milestones today and, as the title suggests, some traumas as well.

She counted to ten all by herself and put the cap back on the marker all by herself and has recognized the color black pretty consistently. But sometimes things can happen that destroy her mood. Like when her banana breaks and half falls on the floor. Even when I get to it before the dogs do, that doesn’t help. She really just wants the banana to be whole again. I wish there was edible food tape(mental note- patent that idea) I could use to fix it but I can’t.

But she has adjusted really well to her playmate being in Kindergarten. Instead of walking around wanting McKelvey, she walks around looking for us to entertain her.

Fools and the internet shouldn’t mix

Oh the silly things people do with the internet.

After looking at another blog I frequent(Boing Boing) I found an neat post on finding confidential info on the internet. It seems that all you have to do is to google “confidential do not distribute”. I got 15,700,000 results.

Obviously, you shouldn’t post things on the web if you don’t want them found. Even if you don’t link them to anything else.

I’m going to go read some confidential material from the FDA now… ;)

McKelvey's 1st day of Kindergarten (and more…)

Here is McKelvey on her first day of Kindergarten. She has been very excited to go. We had a nice walk together to school and it was hard to drop her off. She did really well at school, except that she didn’t eat her lunch.  She was vert anxious, and she said she missed us a lot.

Also on the same day Mazie and Cloda got into a fight, Cloda got the worse end of the deal, when we got home from walking McKelvey to school they were covered in blood. So after very frantic trip to the vet and $500 some dollars later they came home.  Mazie was just fine, Cloda is very much out of commission.  She’s limping a lot and doesn’t want to hang out with Mazie.  Go figure

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