Things I’ve learned as a Dad #4

Never try to set a mousetrap while holding an infant.

As much as you get used to losing the use of one arm when you have a little tike. I have figured out how to carry them and still pour water from a pitcher into a glass, the fact that you are carrying a kid kinda fades into the background. I seriously had to remind myself to put Arden down when I was setting a snap trap while holding her.

I imagine the same would hold true it it was a glue trap as well.

Catching up

Well it’s been a while since I have posted,I found that April and May were a blur due to designing Pirates of Penzance. It was a very big show that seemed to consume all of my time. Morning afternoon and at night. I was painting scenery, which i love, but after 8 weeks you get tired of it. Here are some stats:
I painted over 10,000 square feet of backdrops(which include legs and borders)
3 portraits( queen victoria, Gilbert & Sullivan)
2 cherubs on 12′ long poles
1 pirate ship( with 13′ mast & rigging you could climb)

Of course a time consuming thing during tech week was figuring out the cannon blasts, I had to make firing mechanisms and rig the cannons to give the opening a bang.

We spent almost $9,000 on the sets and props, all for 4 performances in a house that can seat 450 people.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, the expense. Because the lasting product is just the memories of these people that saw the show.

How much can you predict?

I checked
out today. Apparently I will live to be 82 years old. that is encouraging . Of course I will soon be Walking to work, and I do need to exercise. maybe that will improve my ‘score’. It takes in a bunch of factors and then spits out an estimate.

For fun, (in a morbid way) I’m gonna try a couple of combinations and get back to you later…

Painting Pirates

I have been busy at work these two weeks or so. I have been painting scenery for pirates of penzance.

So far I have painted 3280 square feet of scenery and have more than 6,000 square feet to go.

boy am i tired.


Just got back from the USITT convention. The United States Institute for Theatre Technology is the main convention for what I do. It’s an odd mix of people. You see a lot of black t-shirts and jeans, balding men with ponytails, and costumes designers wearing capes and other weird things.

I caught up with my technical Director from high school, RJ “Mike” Nielsen, we called him Boss. He seemed to know all the bigwigs at the conference.

The panels and presentations are a mix of professionals and educators, a line that is blurring year by year. More and more theatre artists are finding jobs at colleges and universities in order to pay the bills and have some security. I am hoping to present something next year.

Working on my list

Well, my little list of self improvement has seen some action. I’vebeen keeping up with Flossing as i wanted to, and didn’t buy snacks at school for two weeks. That goes out the window this weeks when we go into tech rehearsals.

Oh and I still had a cavity that had to get drilled too.

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