You can’t fix a banana, and other toddler traumas

Arden has had some milestones today and, as the title suggests, some traumas as well.

She counted to ten all by herself and put the cap back on the marker all by herself and has recognized the color black pretty consistently. But sometimes things can happen that destroy her mood. Like when her banana breaks and half falls on the floor. Even when I get to it before the dogs do, that doesn’t help. She really just wants the banana to be whole again. I wish there was edible food tape(mental note- patent that idea) I could use to fix it but I can’t.

But she has adjusted really well to her playmate being in Kindergarten. Instead of walking around wanting McKelvey, she walks around looking for us to entertain her.

Fools and the internet shouldn’t mix

Oh the silly things people do with the internet.

After looking at another blog I frequent(Boing Boing) I found an neat post on finding confidential info on the internet. It seems that all you have to do is to google “confidential do not distribute”. I got 15,700,000 results.

Obviously, you shouldn’t post things on the web if you don’t want them found. Even if you don’t link them to anything else.

I’m going to go read some confidential material from the FDA now… ;)

McKelvey's 1st day of Kindergarten (and more…)

Here is McKelvey on her first day of Kindergarten. She has been very excited to go. We had a nice walk together to school and it was hard to drop her off. She did really well at school, except that she didn’t eat her lunch.  She was vert anxious, and she said she missed us a lot.

Also on the same day Mazie and Cloda got into a fight, Cloda got the worse end of the deal, when we got home from walking McKelvey to school they were covered in blood. So after very frantic trip to the vet and $500 some dollars later they came home.  Mazie was just fine, Cloda is very much out of commission.  She’s limping a lot and doesn’t want to hang out with Mazie.  Go figure

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Things I’ve Learned as a Dad #18

Parenting is like a marathon. No scratch that it like a decatholon. I’ve started to realize how draining it can be.

It has sleep deprivation, add on repeating things(pick up your princesses, now put it in the basket. Yes now put it in the basket. Now that other princess too. Put it in the basket. Yes put it in…) to the Nth degree it can drive you bonkers.

And yet we are adding another one. It’s official, Ann’s pregnant again. We just went to the OB the other day and got a nice little pic of the 17mm long kid. Yes he/she is smaller than an inch.

Oh and morning sickness must have been named by some overly optimistic male doctor. ‘Cause it’s not just for mornings, not by a long shot. Ann can’t even walk in the kitchen without the mix of smells making her run to the bathroom. So with the laundry being right next to the kitchen, I’m pulling duty on dishes, laundry and all food prep. Although with Ann it can be hit or miss as neither of us can predict what would trigger the bathroom sprint. So at least I can understand her refusal to eat. The kids I get frustrated with. TOday I actually said: ” You’re eating it because I made it and that’s final.”

However, in spite of being very tired I am also very happy. THe floors are refinished in the house, we’re painting the rooms and really settling in. I get toy with the idea of learning the sex of the child. Currently I want it to be a surprise.


So last friday mazie had her first playdate at the new house and her first fight.

The nice people across the street have a 6-year old girl and invited McKelvey over for a playdate, Caroline also said to bring over a dog, for their young dog to play with. Things started off slowly, with both McKelvey and Mazie hesitant about it. However after a popsicle McKelvey was doing OK. Soon after that Mazie and Peaches started to play and then it quickly escalated into a fight. Peaches definately coming out on top. After a quick trip the vet and an overnight stay everything was fine. I was quite worried about it though.

Now Mazie is in her usual good spirits, and the stiches will be out in a couple weeks. So all is good in the world.

95 miles, 12 bruises, and 1 new house

Well, we are no longer living the green acres life. Yes that’s right, ‘farm livin’ wasn’t right for us and now we are in town.

It was a very busy week. Ann would be packing things up in the house, while I loaded up the truck drove it to the new house unloaded it and drove back for another load. Tiring. And while we don’t live that far out of town, it started to add up( to 95 miles on the rental truck actually) The kids watched a lot of TV.

THe kicker is we foolishly agreed to get moved out by 8am June 30th. So we were madly packing after our trip to Chicago to see family. We completed packing at 4:30am on the 30th, put the kids in the car, and drove to the to rest until 6:45 or so when the kids woke up.

So to make a long story short(er), we are now at our new address(same phone #) please expect some cute little change of address cards in the mail.

The Joy of pets

It’s 12:57am, and I have just spent over 3 hours hanging with my dog Mazie. Well, it wasn’t exactly quality time. She had cornered something under the porch and I was trying to get her out of there and let it escape. THe area under the porch is only like 18 inches tall so I couldn’t go in and grab her. Cloda would periodically go down to help and retreat after crying like a girl.

Mazie ended up with some cuts on her face and ears, which caused some dripping of blood and shaking of her head.

I was planning on finding out wehat it was but when I pulled her inside and she was bleeding, I didn’t think of anything else but taking care of her. I’m pretty sure it was a cat though.

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