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Stacking Up 35 Extraordinary Hero Homes | GeekDad

When a long day of dispensing justice comes to an end, every hero likes to have a place to put up their feet and reflect on good deeds done, no matter if that place is as small as a bedroom in Aunt May’s humble home in Queens or as large as the whole planet of Oa in Space Sector 0000. So after sizing up 40 iconic villain hideouts, Movato Real Estate has turned an architectural eye toward the homes, headquarters, and hangouts of 35 illustrious heroes with another great infographic. It includes standard homes like the flat at 221B Baker St. and the Parr family’s modernist house in Metroville, sprawling estates like Avengers Mansion and the X-Mansion, mobile bases of operations like the Millennium Falcon and Space Ghost’s Phantom Cruiser, epic outposts like Cats Lair (home of the Thundercats) and the Justice League’s Watchtower, and even large and otherworldly strongholds like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and the Hall of Asgard.

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Sketchbooks, shoe polish and determination.

finishing a sketchbook is like finishing a container of shoe polish. When you start, you never can see how some little swipes her and there can ever get you to the end. And the turtle’s pace of drawing, writing and scribbling on each page can be maddeningly slow. But it can happen. I make this connection because I have finally done both, finished a container of shoe polish, and finished a sketchbook. Mostly my sketchbooks are partially filled before they are set aside for a new one.

Each bought with a reason or purpose:
“oh i will fill this one with only my production sketches. This time i will really sketch out this design and fill up this book.”
“Oooo, a new Moleskine, this is sweet! This elastically thing is awesome, you know if I just thought my sketchbook was aethestically pleasing then I would write in it more.”
“You know if this was a size that fit in my everyday bag I would use it more.”
“If it fit into a pocket I would use it more.”

It only was finished because I persistently used it. And it only took about two years. My hope the current one will fill sooner.

I wonder how much other people fight with the same issues. There is probably a desire to be creative in lots of people, and what separates the desire from the doing?