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Sketchbooks, shoe polish and determination.

finishing a sketchbook is like finishing a container of shoe polish. When you start, you never can see how some little swipes her and there can ever get you to the end. And the turtle’s pace of drawing, writing and scribbling on each page can be maddeningly slow. But it can happen. I make this connection because I have finally done both, finished a container of shoe polish, and finished a sketchbook. Mostly my sketchbooks are partially filled before they are set aside for a new one.

Each bought with a reason or purpose:
“oh i will fill this one with only my production sketches. This time i will really sketch out this design and fill up this book.”
“Oooo, a new Moleskine, this is sweet! This elastically thing is awesome, you know if I just thought my sketchbook was aethestically pleasing then I would write in it more.”
“You know if this was a size that fit in my everyday bag I would use it more.”
“If it fit into a pocket I would use it more.”

It only was finished because I persistently used it. And it only took about two years. My hope the current one will fill sooner.

I wonder how much other people fight with the same issues. There is probably a desire to be creative in lots of people, and what separates the desire from the doing?

I trained my dog to jump out the kitchen window

So we have finally completed our dog run. We started it in 2007, with grabbing aluminum fencing that our neighbor was throwing away.

We just wanted to double up the uprights so that the dogs wouldn’t be able to see out(and bark at the neighbors when they walk by). In order to do that I had pull uprights off of other fence pieces. IN that process I chopped up the pieces, Which reminded me of the old TV show Space:1999.

So now they dog run is complete by the side of the house. We built some steps from the dog run up to the window sill in the kitchen. Right now it is a totally closed off area, so the dogs get in and out thru the kitchen window. So in the morning the Mazie wants to go outside so we go downstairs and I open the kitchen window and she jumps out. Cloda needs a little help.

I’ll get some pictures up soon. I thought it was a crazy idea at first, but it kinda works.

Travel to sustain you

I wrote the title of this post a long time ago, so long I can’t even remember what it was in reference to. but it is applicable once again. I type this on the road to where we (the family) will be vacationing for a week.

It will be great to spend time without focussing on work. I know I can’t let it go completely, both me mentally and the fact that work still needs attention. but it will be good to spend time with the kids at the beach, sing some songs and do some dancing atthe barn. maybe I’ll have to do another post to explain that last sentence.

I’ll take some pictures and explain some more about ‘Winny’ in the next post.

ETC Videos from the summer

ETC is about singing songs, making music and theatre. One notable part of that is when we perfrom our children’s show over at Camp Dost

 here is a strange but beloved part of ETC- Unwinding.

 Although it is a summer theatre school there is our school song traditionally called our ‘camp song’ even though we are not a camp. But of course it is not a traditional song.

Oh My God There Are Things In The Trees by Larry Simon  
Download now or listen on posterous

There are Things in the Trees.mp3 (3471 KB)

More to come later…

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