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Beautiful Time-Lapse of Earth

I saw this linked to, and could not pass up sharing it. Shot from the International Space Station, the viewer passes over the earth during day and night, over storms and volcanos, over recognizable terrain (East Coast at night time!) and unfamiliar ones. Truly a treat to see and a humbling experience for those orbiting over the earth once every 90 minutes.

Time-Lapse | Earth from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.

Time-Lapse | Earth on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Time-Lapse | Earth on Vimeo.

Newly Printing

I got a new 3d Printer recently, and looking back it was really time. I bought the Makerbot in April of 2009. Thinking the average lifespan of a computer is 4-6 years, it shouldn’t be too far off to have a 3d printer be a 4 year lifespan. It basically is a blend of computing and mechanics. And lately the Makerbot has been out of commission more than it has been printing.

The new machine is by Afinia and it was rated by Make Magazine as one of the most reliable and a great initial user experience. I have to agree with them. Everything was just like it said in the user manual, easy and straightforward.


It has been easy to print multiple pieces. The picture above is a copy of a sculpture of the face of Alexander the Great. Only a couple more pieces to print and then I will be trying to give it a faux finish and patina more like the original.

Fun times again!

Come on future, get here already

“Hoverbike on its Way to Star Wars Speeder Status”
That is a genius blog post title, from the amazing people at MAKE Magazine.

California-based company Aerofex has developed a working hoverbike that uses ducted fan technology and can be controlled by knee movements of the pilot. The ducted fans have been around since the 60s, but Aerofex has only now utilized them in this capacity with enough stability for the pilot to have control over the vehicle’s movements.

via MAKE | Aerofex Hoverbike on its Way to Star Wars Speeder Status.

Finally someone is working on getting science fiction a reality. That is why I wanted to be alive in the 21st century. Here is the video in action:

A Must see Prop Maker

Daft Punk DeLorean Shoot

I read RSS feeds in Google Reader. And one of the sites I subscribe to is Volpin Props. Volpin Props is essentially one guy in Atlanta who makes props. And the stuff he makes is amazing. Just look at the many things he’s made posted on Flickr. I am always really impressed by his level of detail and the finish of what he makes. Also the idea of makes and programming custom circuit boards to run the LEDs is jaw dropping. Always inspiring, and always intimidating.

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