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Artistic Accounting Week 3

This third week started off with a march, for MLK. then rehearsals Tuesday thru Thursday. In the rehearsals there was a lot of creative energy. But I also did work on a few items. Finished painting the centipede feet. Finished the frames of the shark heads. Made a tentacle for the Octopus fight scene. A tube a fabric filled with balloons. It actually looks really good. It just needs some paint to suggest the suckers on the bottom edge. Maybe some texture. Also tried my end of show/NYC peach landing bit. But the beach ball I bought was too big. We tried out some ideas on how to crowd surf it. But it proved too cumbersome for the average audience member. Saturday I worked on drafting the LittleBits container. I think it needs some adjustments before I can finish it. Today was rehearsals. Still the majority of the week doing good work though.

Artistic Accounting – Week 2

This past week has been busy. The school year started up, plus a bunch of other meetings. I was able to accomplish some things this week. Did additional painting on the Aunt Spiker Mask, attached some Elastic on it, arbitrarily choosing some the same length as the other mask. Rehearsals went pretty well. Working scenes on the scaffold in the shop on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were Robyn Berg coming to do some Laban Effort Actions. That was really exciting to see and I think laid the groundwork for future discoveries for the students. Did some coaching of scenes on Thursday. Friday was frittered away it feels like. Saturday Worked on new Shark Heads for Peach. Will have something to show later this week I think. Sunday was printing more Centipede feet and rehearsal. Spacing is hard with these complex pieces. Ramonah is trying to keep up with the blocking notation. I think she needs more practice with the iPad setup.

Perhaps while the show is rehearsing, I may have to count that work towards my artistic total for the year.

Artistic Accounting – Week 1

This first week of the New Year stayed pretty much on track. Which is as it should for any new resolution. We will see how long it lasts into the year.

First week of the new year. Monday and Tuesday roughed out and then finished the Painters elevation for the Peach Pit house for James & the Giant Peach. Wednesday I Paper-macheed the Mask for Aunt Spiker. Was able to pull it Thursday and paint it Friday and Saturday. I think it needs some more work to get it ready for the fitting. And today my artistic work was the first rehearsal of Peach.

Overall, a good job on finding time to get work done. Although I do still find myself reaching for social media before the pencils and paints. I think I need to improve on my directing skills. And the true test of the mask will be how it fits with the rest of the costume and fits the actors face.

School starts tomorrow, and another week to account for.

Starting the new year.

Another revolution around the sun, which for Euro centric countries, focusses on January 1st. While of course any day that you see something you want to change change it. I am focusing on doing something creative everyday. On new year’s I started a painters elevation for James & the Giant Peach. Instagram pic:


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That is this year, checking a box for every day I am doing something creative. Not focussing on the hashtags or the likes. but just putting the work down on paper or pixels. I will eventually gather this somehow together. Ugh. That probably means tagging them somehow.