Artistic Accounting Week 6

Well, James & the Giant Peach opened, that was the big thing I created this week. It was a bit of a rush this past weekend, which delayed the posting of this. But the Shows were very well received. It is interesting how the different parts got laughs from various members of the audiences. there is a definite sense of humor for kids and adults. And older adults versus younger ones. That was to be expected, but this brought it back to the forefront of my brain. I did some last minute sound cues this past week and some Qlab work. But it was very gratifying to see everything come together. And without too much stress. the shorter show was totally part of that. We were able to do runs of the show and works some parts each rehearsal, and still not need the entire time. And the extra time was really needed by Shawn Paul to do lights and projections. And I wasn’t worried that it wasn’t going to get done. I knew SPE would take care of the show. And he did a great job. After opening he mentioned that he wanted to do more and felt bad that he didn’t. That is of course the life of the artist right there. Never satisfied with your own work. But the product on stage was great. it looked really good and complete. I wonder if other directors have the same faith in their designers? Some do I am sure. But I really understand the limitations of time and resources. You just have to make choices and decision based on what you have in front of you, never might the restrictions and complications and ‘could be’s. I think I did a good job with that.