Artistic Accounting Weeks 4 & 5

Yikes, I let my accounting for last week slip by. I realized it by Tuesday, and then kept delaying writing about it. And now another week has gone by.

The first week was a bunch of work on the show, James & the Giant Peach. That included a bunch of work on sound effects, music cues. I painted the Giant Peach (in time for a photo shoot), made a school of fish puppet. This past week was more music, integrating technical elements into the show in the tech rehearsals, as well as some work on prop elements. Finished the rhino head finally, finished the floating peach at the end (might need more adjustment) made some dorsal fin hats for the sharks. Also got the Snapchat filter for the show out and finished the shark heads. A lot of good work. Still haven’t found the right magic music theme for the show.

A lot more to do. But a fun list ahead.