Artistic Accounting Week 3

This third week started off with a march, for MLK. then rehearsals Tuesday thru Thursday. In the rehearsals there was a lot of creative energy. But I also did work on a few items. Finished painting the centipede feet. Finished the frames of the shark heads. Made a tentacle for the Octopus fight scene. A tube a fabric filled with balloons. It actually looks really good. It just needs some paint to suggest the suckers on the bottom edge. Maybe some texture. Also tried my end of show/NYC peach landing bit. But the beach ball I bought was too big. We tried out some ideas on how to crowd surf it. But it proved too cumbersome for the average audience member. Saturday I worked on drafting the LittleBits container. I think it needs some adjustments before I can finish it. Today was rehearsals. Still the majority of the week doing good work though.