Artistic Accounting – Week 2

This past week has been busy. The school year started up, plus a bunch of other meetings. I was able to accomplish some things this week. Did additional painting on the Aunt Spiker Mask, attached some Elastic on it, arbitrarily choosing some the same length as the other mask. Rehearsals went pretty well. Working scenes on the scaffold in the shop on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were Robyn Berg coming to do some Laban Effort Actions. That was really exciting to see and I think laid the groundwork for future discoveries for the students. Did some coaching of scenes on Thursday. Friday was frittered away it feels like. Saturday Worked on new Shark Heads for Peach. Will have something to show later this week I think. Sunday was printing more Centipede feet and rehearsal. Spacing is hard with these complex pieces. Ramonah is trying to keep up with the blocking notation. I think she needs more practice with the iPad setup.

Perhaps while the show is rehearsing, I may have to count that work towards my artistic total for the year.