2018 MLK Community Parade – CARE Rockbridge

Today was the Second Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Parade.It was An essential thing to do, to show support for the community and the values that are important to me. But it was interesting how different it was from our march last year for the LA Women’s March. This by its nature was much smaller of course. But it was more low key. There was a lot of chatting amongst the marchers, and While Robin LeBlanc was leading chants, first without a megaphone and then with one, the chants never really caught on. A group of W&L students from the choir were singing, which did dissipate the chanting energy. Perhaps the there was an unfamiliarity with the call and response pattern, or the choice of words did not lend themselves to chanting. I think less syllables make it easier.

Or is it the people were less inclined to participate in the performative aspects? I don’t know. While seeing many acquaintances in the crowd, I didn’t walk with any close friends or family. So that communal aspect was not fully there.

I think the hardest part is to work to make real change start. That is an everyday thing, not a holiday thing. Always ready for more ideas on that front.